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Common Decency vs"The sole purpose of Common Decency, Inc. is the eradication of emotional terrorism inflicted by the notorious website, and its owner Ed Magedson."

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Your crime victim's impact statements will be submitted to the Attorney Generals' offices throughout the United States, and globally, to augment existing and future criminal investigations and prosecution of administrators.

For the first time in the history of, victims are getting organized. We have successfully launched a devastating boycott action which, according to ripoff report General Counsel, is costing the website $30,000 a month and lost advertising revenue. In response, ripoff report sued us, but the judge ruled that a boycott is protected speech under the First Amendment.

But we are not satisfied with civil boycott actions, we want the Corporation that owns, Xcentric Ventures, LLC, and its founder Ed Magedson, to be held accountable for the alleged criminal acts perpetrated by himself and his agents.

The first criminal indictment has been issued for the representative, Darren Meade who, according to an Iowa prosecutor, was paid over $90,000 by Ed Magedson or his company to harass witnesses who were adverse to rip off report activities. Meade's Criminal trial is expected to commence in generally off every 2015. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison. Although not yet indicted, Ripoff Report owner Ed Magedson has also been indicated in the same crimes, for which Meade is to stand trial. It is our hope that should the prosecutor obtain a conviction against Meade, that an indictment will be issued against Ed Magedson and his other alleged conspirators.

NOTE: These statements will be sorted by jurisdiction and submitted to respective US State Attorney Generals, or the equivalent for victims in other countries.